User guides and tutorials

Statistical Inference for Partially Observed Markov Processes via the R Package pomp (a Journal of Statistical Software paper)     (PDF) (R)
Getting started with pomp     (HTML) (R)
Simulation-based Inference for Epidemiological Dynamics
(a short course)
Frequently Asked Questions     (HTML)
pomp package manual     (HTML) (PDF)
Measles in large and small towns (He et al. 2010)     (HTML) (R) (data)
Two perspectives on the pomp project     (HTML) (Video)
Package NEWS     (HTML)
pomp C API     (HTML)
Coding POMP models: R vs C snippets     (HTML) (R)
pomp version 2 upgrade guide     (HTML)
Model-based Inference in Ecology and Epidemiology (a short course)     (HTML)
pomp discussions forum     (HTML)


This software has been made possible by support from the U.S. National Science Foundation (Grants #EF-0545276, #EF-0430120), by the “Inference for Mechanistic Models” Working Group supported by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (a Center funded by N.S.F. (Grant #DEB-0553768), the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the State of California), and by the RAPIDD program of the Science & Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security and the Fogarty International Center, U.S. National Institutes of Health.